Roxanne Linton

Owner of Primal ReBOUND Virtual Studio and Whole Health Today with a dream held for a very long time of helping people live optimal lives through fitness and wellness.

I am a SUNY graduate with my BS from Fredonia College. I am a graduate of the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) with dual certification as a Whole Health Educator and Wellness Professional.  I received my Chronic Care Professional National Certification from Health Sciences Institute.  I am also a certified  Group Fitness instructor certification from Ace Fitness.

My Story:
Even though I received my four year degree in Accounting and been in corporate America for 15 plus years, I have  always been passionate about health and fitness.   As a child I witnessed my very young and active aunts and uncles, on my mothers side of the the family, in their early 30’s battle and die of heart disease and cancer (One aunt ran every day and one uncle collapsed in the middle of his black belt tournament). The family was told it was “in their genes”.  I asked myself WHY?? I also was chronically sick with sinus infections where surgery, medicine never cured me. In fact, in my late 20s I was told by the medical profession, there was nothing they could do. It was then I began doing my own research and slowly took back my health!  It wasn’t until I went was certified as a Whole Health Educator/Coach that I fully understood why people get sick and the mechanics to help them.  My story grows, 5 years ago my dad had a major stroke that left him without the ability to communicate, comprehend, read or write due to this he needs 24 x 7 care.  At that same time my mother fell  ill too and also needed 24 x7 care.. Both parents suffer from preventable diseases.  Unfortunately, my father had another major stroke that left him partially paralyzed. 

Primal ReBOUND:

Through my course work at NIWH I have learned about every aspect of the Body – namely:  Adrenal fatigue, Inflammation link to Disease as well as Exercise Physiology.  I realized I (and so many others) unknowingly were working out too hard and breaking down our bodies.  I began to research exercising smarter thru the functional doctors who taught the courses at NIWH.  I came across the high quality ReboundAIR mini trampoline and amazing benefits of this type of exercise.  As a Whole Health Educator I loved the fact this was a Whole body exercise so I purchased one back in 2011.   I also researched  and began doing interval high intensity training (Peak 8 – Phil Campbell).  Over the years I have created (bio-hacked) an interval high intensity weight bearing training on my  ReboundAIR.  My routines has kept me in great physical shape, I love to do and the routines are 35 minutes with floor work – I have been able to stick with for the last 10 years! Its time I share!

A Partnership –  Transformation Coach!

Although I had the knowledge and the know how how to help people, I didn’t have a system or any support. I couldn’t reach my parents and anyone else for that matter.  I was invited to join forces with  a physician led Habits of Health transformation program.   The program includes nutritionists, dieticians, physical trainers, PA’s, nurses and so other medical people who themselves were transformed by this very holistic program.

This Transformation Coaching Program is designed to bring a lifestyle of Optimal health. 

You can learn more from my Wellness Professional Page Whole Health Today  – Click Here!

I am a so excited to be offering a simple and effective evidenced based Habits of Health tools and Transformation Coaching process Designed to deliver lasting results. In fact, seeing the incredible number of people who not only succeeded from this program-and lived optimally year after year – is what inspired me to partner with them. They have Proven results! Interested? Contact me for a complimentary Exploratory Call – It may be the phone call that changes everything!


Roxanne Linton WHE, CCP, CCE

Transformation Coach
Certified Whole Health Educator™
Certified Wellness Advocate Professional ™
Chronic Care Professional
Certified Childbirth Educator
Group Fitness Instructor

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