Research Benefits Mini Tramp/ HIIT.. Fitness has been Bio-Hacked!

Sample of the Many Health Benefits of the Primal Workout - Mini Trampoline

Mini Trampoline Exercise Study on  body composition, weight loss, toning and sustainability – Learn More Click button below.

A Study comparing aerobic dance on a mini trampoline to aerobic dance on the floor. – Conclusion: “The aerobic dance on mini-trampoline showed that leg muscular strength, balance and foot plantar pressure were significantly better than the aerobic dance on hard wooden surface”

“Top Exercise to Detox Your Body” by the Huffington Post.

This article is spot on describing how exercising on a mini trampoline increases your immunity to fight off disease, flushes cellulite,torches fat and manage weight which is also fun, easy on the joints and takes a shorter amount of time.

Benefits of Sprint 8 - Primal 8 and HIIT

Dr. Mercola interview Phil Campbel who  created Sprint 8″Human Growth Hormone – flood your body with this by just 20 minutes of Peak 8 High Intensity Interval Training”

This article talks about the amazing benefits of a Peak 8  26 -30 minute workout as opposed to the hour long typical workouts.

Forbes  writes.”Ultra High Performance Training” discusses how even elite athletes benefitted more from Sprint 8 Training

Club Industry – elite fitness experts created a  PDF of Sprint 8.. A ton of information and a ton of studies from the Club Industry.

Research, Photo Results,  Health information, articles etc.  A very good resource.

Reverse Aging Exercise!
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