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 Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Primal ReBOUND will like to offer private group on line training –  Primal ReBOUND Thrive  – Live  Fitness & Wellness Challenge  in the comfort of your living room!   

I am transitioning to ONLINE COACHING – it’s an incredible way to work out that lets you STAY CONNECTED to your fitness family and keep working toward your goals, all from your home! 
All you will need is your computer, an internet connection and some dumb Bells.  If you have a big ball – that would be super great too!  It’s through a FREE software solution called Zoom. I will also be doing Live workouts on the private face book group. 
Primal ReBOUND Thrivel Fitness and Wellness – would like to keep you safe with a Thrival Plan!  Now more than ever we know that living a healthy lifestyle is so important.  

What you will get: 

The Workouts :  
These will be live classes but also recorded and I will keep up for the day. 
1. Primal 8 – the Sprint 8 format (on the ground & trampoline) 30 Min – (M,W,F: 7 AM)
2. F.I.T Strength  (1-2 days a week) 30 Min –  (T, Th 7AM) 
3. Morning Coffee (planks, big ball and stretching) – 7 min Min  10:45AM  M-F Daily    

The 30 Day Healthy Habits Challenge:

For this Challenge, the first 7 days I will give you a strategy every day that builds on the other.  Then for weeks remaining you incorporate those habits every day! This is different then my Transformation Program that I offer, however the 30 Day is a wonderful way to help everyone Thrive at this time. This is what you can expect from the 30 Day:

  • The 7 critical strategies that are the KEY to finally achieving your health and fitness goals… (Don’t worry, they’re not anything complicated or time consuming. I’ll show you how to easily implement these simple strategies for a healthier, happier you in no time!) 
  • How to easily incorporate simple habits and food choices that will help you live a healthier lifestyle… without adding more time-consuming tasks or unnecessary stress to your life. 
  • Tons of FUN, guidance, and support from a me, certified Whole Health educator, coach and mentor and each other 
  • Easy-to-follow, sustainable advice and practical tips that empower you to live a healthier life! 
  • All the support and encouragement you need to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime, one day at a time… Daily emails for the first 7 days, then transition to weekly emails of encouragement! 
  • On line seminars for your  private group  :  Stress and Disease and Stress Reduction and  Smoothie Making.

Cost for Primal ReBOUND Thrive:
$36.00 Week
$99 Month
IF you have classes left, you can apply those classes to this.  (please email or text me and I will give you a discount code to use).  You must purchase/ cancel by Sat or Sunday of the following week so I know group attendance on Zoom.

This would be a great way to see and connect with each other, laugh  and make our current situation enjoyable  as possible! 

Let’s Take This time to Strengthen, Grow and Thrive!


Roxanne Linton
716 225-9030

For those who just bought a $99 or Monthly Membership and have classes – Please text me or call and I will apply to this.  716-225-9030

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