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Sample of the Many Health Benefits of the Primal Workout - Mini Trampoline

Mini Trampoline Exercise Study on  body composition, weight loss, toning and sustainability – Learn More Click button below.

“Top Exercise to Detox Your Body” by the Huffington Post.

This article is spot on describing how exercising on a mini trampoline increases your immunity to fight off disease, flushes cellulite,torches fat and manage weight which is also fun, easy on the joints and takes a shorter amount of time.

A Study comparing aerobic dance on a mini trampoline to aerobic dance on the floor. – Conclusion: “The aerobic dance on mini-trampoline showed that leg muscular strength, balance and foot plantar pressure were significantly better than the aerobic dance on hard wooden surface”


Dr. Mercola interview Phil Campbel who  created Sprint 8  “Human Growth Hormone – flood your body with this by just 20 minutes of Peak 8 High Intensity Interval Training”

This article talks about the amazing benefits of a Peak 8  26 -30 minute workout as opposed to the hour long typical workouts.

Forbes  writes.”Ultra High Performance Training” discusses how even elite athletes benefitted more from Sprint 8 Training

Club Industry – elite fitness experts created a  PDF of Sprint 8.. A ton of information and a ton of studies from the Club Industry.

Research, Photo Results,  Health information, articles etc.  A very good resource.

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