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Middle Age and Aging – Is there a Way to Opt Out?

Are you struggling with: middle age spread, aging, weight gain, slower thinking and slow energy?  Did you hit a plateau in your fitness and diet where you putting in a lot of effort and time at the gym only to just maintain and not ever hit your body composition goals?  One more question – Do you think this is all part of the aging process once you hit 30 and there is nothing you can do?  Get ready to be empowered with education!

HGH, Telomeres, Somatopause, Somatostatin and AGING!

Human Growth Hormone HGH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland responsible for promoting and regulating muscle and tissue growth, regulating carbohydrates and fat metabolism as well as controlling vital organs and overall health and longevity.  Also, our body’s chromosomes ends are called telomeres. As telomere length becomes shorter, the structural integrity weakens, and the cells age and die more quickly.  Most importantly, shorter telomeres are associated premature aging with a broad range of aging-related diseases including many forms of cancer, stroke, vascular dementia, cardiovascular disease, obesity. Therefore, long telomeres are associated with health and longevity.

Well, it is true after the age 30 our Human Growth Hormone declines drastically, and our telomeres shorten which brings our bodies therefore into Somatopause – Middle Age and the Aging process begins.  Yes, unfortunately, this is real.  What else happens during Somatopause?  Well your good cholesterol HDL decreases while your bad cholesterol LDL increases, triglycerides increase, muscle loss, bone density thins, and skin begins to wrinkle. Also, unfortunately, more and more people enter Metabolic Syndrome… Pre diabetes!

Let’s take this a step further… Poor lifestyle choices such as a high inflammatory diet (sugar, white flour, processed foods and bad fats) trigger somatostatin hormone… This hormone regulates HGH… What does this mean?  The little HGH your body now produces, therefore, gets shut off and your body is aging at a faster rate!  Lastly, stress is a trigger that increases the somatostatin hormone and ages your body. Poor lifestyle and stress also shorten telomers – which we know what that means to our health and longevity

Fitness and Aging… What?

I think we would all agree that we workout to stay healthy, feel good how we look and to meet our fitness goals.  Did you know if you work out to long or too hard for an extended period of time, you’re putting a lot of stress on your body which releases the somatostatin hormone?  Your Aging yourself!  What’s worse and some of you are finding… even with all your effort, you are either just maintaining – hit a plateau – or stressing your body too much that causes Adrenal Fatigue and breaking down your immune system and body.  Again, knowing how stress decreases HGH and shortens telomeres, why would we want to add excessive amounts into our fitness routine?

Muscle Fibers… Slow Twitch, Fast Twitch and Super-Fast Twitch

Do you remember being a kid, you would play so hard till you were breathless, sweaty and completely wrapped in the zone? Then you would fall to the ground and rest only to get back up and join the fun.  Now let’s take it a step further… Children and teenagers produce the highest amounts of HGH – human growth hormone… WHY?   Our bodies came equipped with three types of muscle fibers:  slow, fast and super-fast twitch.  As children and teens with playing and sports we constantly were using these fibers. The super-fast twitch muscle fibers is where the HGH hormone is triggered! In our 20’s becoming adults we pretty much stopped using our fast and super-fast twitch fibers which naturally atrophied – wasted away.  As adults fitness became cardio, yoga and weight training all that works our slow twitch muscle fibers.  As a result, by the age of  30 our fast twitch and super -fast twitch muscle fibers atrophied leading to Somatopause… Middle Age and all that Aging!

Resetting your Biological Clock ( HGH and Telomeres) –

Primal Rebound (Primal and Primal Meets Bike) offers the Sprint 8®   philosophy – created by Phil Campbell M.S, M.A., FACHE (38 years in training).  Above all, this philosophy has been scientifically proven to lengthen telomeres and increase HGH by 530% in the body all in 30 minutes! What’s more… the body continues to produce this hormone 2 hours after you done with your exercise! 

The Benefits:

  • Turn back the clock and hit your goals in less time!
  •  Exercised induced growth hormone targets and burns body fat like a guided missile for 2 hours after your exercise.
  • Improves skin
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases energy and sexual desire
  • Improves athletic speed and performance

What is the Sprint 8 ®  – Caution – Get your doctors approval before starting!

Primal, Primal Meets Bike is a Powerful 30-minute workout consisting of 8 sessions of 20 second all you got (maximum heart rate:  220 – age) then a 90 second active or non-active recovery with a 3 minute warm up and cool down. However, this is a powerfully effective workout but needs to build slowly on a firm foundation with your doctor’s approval! 20 seconds is key for maximum effort. In fact, if your training correctly, you shouldn’t be able to push past that 20 second mark! Most Importantly, the body is at maximum heart rate a total of 4 minutes for the entire workout – so just enough stress that doesn’t hurt the body or produce the aging hormone!

Please remember, your fast twitch and super-fast twitch muscles have wasted away.  At Primal ReBOUND, especially with Primal, we will slowly but surely build all three muscle fibers on the trampoline with our plyometric: bouncing, knees, kicks, squats, jumps as also our running all the while with/without our weights.   Then we slowly build our way into the anaerobic 20 second phase starting at slow with maybe 10 seconds of 1 interval and working our way to 8 – 20 second intervals – slowly.


Muscle Composition- Programs to work all fibers at Primal ReBOUND

In conclusion, Sprint 8 is powerfully effective in a very short time but it is imperative to develop and work all three muscle fibers to achieve Sprint 8!  It takes all three slow, fast and super-fast to preform – Sprint 8 -anaerobic exercise.  Primal ReBOUND offers programs to maximize all three!

The fitness videos on Primal ReBound address all Muscle Fiber Types by:

Power AnaerobicSuper-fast twitch – Sprint 8® philosophy: – is so powerful it can only be done 2 to 3 times a week with rest days in between to achieve maximum results. This gives your body time to work on the slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. Sprint 8 on the Trampoline is cellular…. every cell, every system plus detox… As a result, Silver bullet in anti aging!

Endurance –  HIIT Slow to Fast twitch – Cardio!   Builds the body and makes Anaerobic possible.  Simply do Primal, Primal Meets Bike, and Cycle without the 20 second maximum heart rate – sprint on your off day.

FlexibilitySlow twitch – prepares the body for the exercises that will release HGH.  Improves exercise capacity and lowers LDL. Also Flexibility is wonderful for the muscles, joint and ligaments.  Primal ReBOUND  does not offer yoga but there are many wonderful yoga teachers and videos you can download.

Strength Slow twitch -another great way to build muscle, tone and strengthen the core the body.  There are 29 core muscles that support the back, abdomen and pelvis.  Above all, it is imperative to build these muscles for our younger bodies!  Check out the Strength videos!

To Maximize your Sprint 8 training here are some suggestions – please get your doctors approval!

Before Training:

  • Don’t eat a high fat meal before exercise. Also, carb loading before a workout is not advisable.
  • Do take D-Ribose 3-5G before workout
  • Do – protein is optional before a workout so is fast before workout.
  • Do take Creatine before workout up to 2- 10 Grams
  • Do take Vitamin B3 Niacin 20 mg
  • Fat Burner –  Capsicum promotes Thermogenesis.

During Training:

  • Do – Drink lots of water

After Training:

  • Don’t have Sugar two hours after training – sugar stops the benefits of exercise-induced HGH.
  • Do have protein after workout whether is be a meal or in supplement is a wise muscle toning body building strategy. Approximately 25 -40 grams.   25 grams is sufficient for most individuals.  Always find a good natural protein source. See this article to learn which protein is best for you. Watch the ingredients and fillers!
  • DO -Take 2 grams of L-Glutamine 

** It is in the recovery phase that your body burns fat.


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Educate to Empower!

Roxanne Linton, WHE, WHC,CCP & CCE

Owner Whole Health Today LLC and Primal ReBOUND

Age:  50  Sprint 8 -Primal and Primal meets Bike is what I have been doing the last 8 years!

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