Out the Gremlin!

What's holding you back from achieving your goals?

How many times have you tried to take control of your life?  Be it changing eating habits, starting to exercise or commit to reading more only to fail?

What if I told you our brains have a survival mechanism built in that does everything it can to keep you at your status quo.  This mechanism, I will refer to – as I learned from my Whole Health coaching class as your Gremlin!

You see, your Gremlin does not like change what so ever!  So if you are safe – not in any danger – change or the unknown challenges your safety.  Even if it’s good for you!  It’s that voice in your head  or feeling in your body that says…

  • It’s so good and it’s just a taste…
  • Why challenge the system – you will be an outcast!
  • Why Bother, Your not good enough.
  • It’s too cold outside!
  • You are to tired!
  • You can’t do this!
  • No one will listen to you!
  • Who do you think you are?
  • You will get laughed at!
  • She or He will find someone better – your not good enough!

What’s even worse is our Gremlin begins to make up stories in our head.  In fact,  Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mind Valley and the author of Code of the Extraordinary Mind calls it our “Mind Making Movie”.  How many of you had these “mind making movies sabotage your relationship and or your dreams?

Out the Gremlin!

The most powerful action you can do is simply notice your gremlin.   Don’t resist!  Remember what you resist – persists.

Instead when you begin to hear that negative self talk, feel your energy shift where it shuts down get anxiety or start seeing that movie in your head –  follow these steps:

1.  Simply noticing.    The Zen theory of change occurs by simply noticing what it is without judgement.

2. Address your Gremlin – Hey Gremlin.

3. Take a deep breath,  create a space, make that separation between you and the Gremlin.

4. In vision what  your Gremlin looks like, then – make it look as ridiculous as possible- in your head.  (you are taking back your power here) I shrink mine, give it googly eyes and crazy hair. Give your Gremlin a name.

5. Ask yourself, “Who am I giving my power too?”  “What can I do instead to serve my highest good?”

Take Control!

These simple steps will help you to take  control over your life.  One more powerful phrase you need in your toolbox… is… I AM IN CONTROL!

Educate to Empower To Own Your Health!

Roxanne Linton WHE, WHC, CCP and CCE

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