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This is not the NOT the Lastest Fad....

At 40 I found Health again with my Primal Workout and my Whole Health Lifestyle.

It will be 10 years!

I will be 50 in September and have felt better then when I was in my 20's and 30's. I've Taken Back my Youth and now you can take back YOURS!

Hello, My name is Roxanne Linton and I am a certified Wellness Professional educated as a Whole Health Educator/Chronic Care Professional at the National Institute of Whole Health. 

Prior to going back to school in 2010 to pursue this certification, I thought I had the Healthy Living thing figured out but….I have sure learned a lot in the past 30 years!

Here is my story:    

This WAS my fitness plan in 90’s and early 2000’s: 

👉 I would Carb load in order to workout – 4 to 7 times a week which were one hour long of pure insane cardio. My goal was to reach my ideal weight and to enjoy a healthy well being.  Despite following the guidance of the “fitness leaders” of the time, I exercised excessively to maintain my weight, struggled emotionally and was physically drained.

👉 After my workouts, I was starving all day! Craving sugar and carbs, I felt exhausted and didn’t have any energy.  

👉The busy lifestyle of a professional working woman, wife and the mother of two young children left little time for myself. Although I made time for this fitness regime, it left me exhausted, always sick and depressed.

👉 In this condition, I was unable to maintain my lifestyle. It put stress on my family and professional life. I was simply sick of  BEING SICK! 

Wait.... Hold on..... You Mean "Eggs are Good and Bread is Bad?"

As many of us learned in the 2000’s, the previous guidelines for nutrition, (Food Pyramid) that were introduced in our formative years, evolved into a new set standards (My Plate).  In fact, as it turns out eggs are actually good for us and excess carbohydrates like bread and pasta work against our healthy goals!  What?!

Our trusty old “Food Pyramid” told us breads, pasta and any carbohydrates were good for us and all “fats” were bad.  In fact, many of us went on “Fat Free” diets, and believed eating  those carbohydrates were eating healthy! What?!

Determined to to take back my health, coupled with extensive research and education, I finally found a strategy that was effective for me! Here’s the deal, I combined the information that I learned about nutrition as well as innovative workout regimes that I created were effective and less taxing on my body!   The end results are shorter workouts with an enjoyable diet and I actually LOST WEIGHT!  I  have, and continue to have, increased energy, great health, and am no longer depressed or emotionally burdened. I got my life back!

The Primal ReBound workout has allowed me to achieve my goals – now 10 years –  I can help you achieve yours!

Learn more!

The Components: Trampoline Fitness & Synergy 8

Trampoline Fitness Benefits

Low Impact – Very low  impact without the stress or pressure on ankles, knees or joints. Allows your body to get all the benefits of a great workout without the damage stress to joints!

Whole Body – Bone, Nervous, Muscular, Endocrine, Cardiac, Respiratory, Immune Systems and Skin –  all become stronger as unhealthy cells are cleared from the body

Strength Training – Only on the trampoline do you get the vertical stacking of forces: Acceleration/Deceleration and Gravity equals a stronger body.  Resistance with G-force for total body workout.  Adding weights can multiply the G – Force exponentially and can and ramp up your workout effecting 30 trillion cells!

NASA study  – Nasa found that rebounding is more effective then running on a treadmill. Very effective for astronauts to recover and regain bone and muscle mass after returning from space.

Increased Metabolism – Trampoline fitness allows for greater oxygen consumption – therefore your metabolism stays high and your burn calories hours even after this exercise. ( You get a serious workout – triple with the stacking of forces: acceleration, deceleration and gravity).

Lymphatic System – Bouncing moves lymphatic fluid through the one way series of vessels throughout our body. Our lymphatic fluid  is loaded with nutrients and immune cells.   This is what sets rebounding apart from any other fitness… Our lymphatic system does not have a pump! Our lymph systems is a series of one way valves. Rebounding removes harmful toxins out of the body while sending nourishment to every cell at the same time.

Bone Health – Non Trampoline Primal is workout  builds healthier bones! Bone health, bone strength and bone formation.


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*** It is very important you workout on a high quality trampoline to prevent injury to joints***** 

SYNERGY 8 - Primal Style!


The Primal 8 Training:

Primal 8 (Inspired  by Phil Cambell in his book Synergy Fitness and Dr. Mercola Peak 8) is part of the Primal approach that includes a unique 20-minute training that utilizes our  three muscles fibers: SlowFast and Super-Fast. During the Primal approach we incorporate Eight –  90 seconds of strength training –  immediately following 30 seconds High cardio “sprint” followed by 30 second  full recovery.  Less is More!  Shorter sprints allows for maximum effort with lower stress hormones.


 By incorporating the three muscle fibers: Slow, Fast and Super -Fast, this Primal 8  stimulates our human growth hormone HGH.  In our early to late 20’s our body slows down making HGH. Why?  Simply because we don’t move our bodies like we use to (like a child plays) – we don’t use our fast or super fast twitch fibers.  By time we are 30, HGH is barely produced –  that is what leads to Middle Age Spread (weight gain, slower metabolism..aging process)!  The higher your levels of HGH, the younger, healthier and stronger you will be. HGH prevents wrinkles and skin sagging.  Whats more…HGH targets fat for 2 hours after your workout!

Less Is More:

The Primal ReBound  workout is so powerful and effective.  Because it is so effective, you need to do it  2 to 3 times a week to see the greatest benefits.  In fact – over doing it will bring negative results!

Short burst of sprinting  30 seconds gives the body the right amount of intensity to get all the benefits without breaking down the body.

The Primal Rebound exercise stimulates body to release stress hormones.  Moderate exercise is found the most beneficial.  Over exercises suppresses immune cells!

Primal ReBOUND Fitness

*I am a distributor of the ReBOUND Air Trampoline.  I highly recommend a high quality trampoline to prevent injury to the body.
*The Primal Approach can be done without the trampoline.

The Solution

Primal ReBOUND Workout – the Primal Rebound workout   that incorporates the trampoline with  cardio vascular activity described above along with strength training choreographed with Primal 8 (Synergy 8)  training described above!

 Why is It So Effective:

  1. Powerfully detoxes the body by pumping immune cells throughout the body.
  2. Increases Metabolism, stamina and endurance.
  3. Low Impact – easy on the joints, high intensity fitness and is the Mac Daddy in calorie burning .. weight loss.
  4. Sustainable! 30 Minutes a day. Only 2-3 days a week!
  5. Works every single cell.. 30 Trillion cells! So every system – cardio vascular, immune, skeletal, endocrine and respiratory.
  6. Builds muscle fibers throughout entire body for a beautiful toned body at any age!

Besides being The Most fun!!! You will achieve the greatest reward all while ramping up your immune system all in 30 minutes! Plus   you will burn fat 2 hours after the workout! BEST OF BOTH WORLD.

What Others Are Saying......
"The Gateway into Fitness and Health!"


Who benefits from Primal ReBOUND?

  1. Those who never stuck to a workout.
  1. Those too sick to work out.
  1. Injured athletes or workout enthusiast.
  1. Busy Professionals with limited time. “Get It Done” workout – 30 minutes Whole Body!
  1. Everyone! 



Darlene’s Story:

“Primal Rebound was on the local news and when l saw it, l became very excited that it was low impact. I’ve had lower back surgery twice. I was not able to exercise with high intensity for last 10 years. Went to the facility, owner was there. I spoke with her about taking classes. She has amazing knowledge on rebound exercising and how it works on body. I attended my first class on mini trampoline and sprinting bike(did not sprint). Moved at my own pace, which was encouraged by instructor. Next day no lower back pain, at that point I was hooked. My second class l pushed myself a little more. Intense work out and loved it, still moving at my own pace. Sore muscles all over for two days. My third class, I was still a little sore. I gave it my all and it was intense again, l absolutely love this type of excercise and l’m able to do it at the age of 57. Owner is very pleasant, kind, and answers all my questions. Love the setup of the gym too”!


Feedback & Reviews


"Tried my first Primal meets Bike class yesterday, it was awesome. I was really apprehensive since I am pretty out of shape, having fallen out of any real exercise routine over the past couple of years. Roxanne made it easy and fun! A really good adrenaline kick for my day! Looking forward to the increased energy and stamina"

Thank You!


"I was a bit apprehensive about doing trampoline & spinning bike exercise as I'm 58 and haven't exercised in years in any serious way. I did the "first class free" and have been going twice a week since! This truly is a go-at-your-own-pace class, but you'll see yourself improving each time. (On the trampoline, there is a bar to use for beginners.). I can see how my breathing, stamina, strength, and balance have improved so much. Roxanne, the trainer, is excellent. Not only does is she an expert in this field, but she has the right combination of encouragement to help you "push" a little more and knowledge to help you understand what your body is telling you. I highly recommend"!

Best Wishes,


"I love everything about it. Its clean, the windows let the light in, the music, the instructor, the other people.... its just a positive environment. The work out is amazing too and a great change of pace. Its so intense and so rewarding but there are options to go at any pace. I'll be a regular".

Thank you,


"Took the Primal . Never had a class like this before, and it was amazing! I felt great but not sore. Definitely going back and recommended".



The Sample Workout Plan:

  • Primal Workout: M,W,F  (Primal workout for it to be most effective should only be done 2-3 times a week with rest day in between!)
  • Strength:  Right after your Primal workout or Tues/Thursday (Optional… )
  • Abdominal: Daily!!!  At least 5-10 minutes.



  1. Fun: Move and groove, low impact (easy on joints)  increase endorphins and energy. You actually look forward to your workouts.
  2.  Effective: Whole Body workout that works every cell, every system (lymphatic, skeletal, circulatory, endocrine and respiratory) while detoxing, toning and dropping pounds! 
  3. Sustainable: Less is More!!  30 minutes 2-3 Days a week is all you need!
  4. Measurable: Drop clothes sizes, tone your body while building lean muscle
  5. Synergistic: Encapsulates the benefits of cardio, strength, speed, strength, endurance as well as balance and coordination.

Why Primal ReBOUND?   Exercise Smarter – Not Harder!  AntiAging!

  1. Read the 3rd Party Literature for your self!  Educate To Empower!  READ ON!
  2. Wellness Meets Fitness! READ ON


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